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to Pebbles Kitty Cat Cafe

It’s a great feeling, drinking your cup of coffee or tea, while reading a book or playing board games with an adorable cat on your lap or table. The trend of cat cafés originated in Asia where people love cats, but usually cannot keep them in larger cities. This trend has expended throughout the world, and thus also the Netherlands. Pebbles is, after Amsterdam, Groningen, Den Bosch and the Hague, the fifth cat cafe to open its doors in September 2016 at the Hoogstraat in Rotterdam. Yolande Brands has been the new owner of the cat cafe since January 1 2018 and she hopes that cat lovers will want to visit and see for themselves how relaxed the atmosphere in Pebbles is, and how sweet and funny the cats are. We are open on Wednesdays till Sundays, from 11 am till 5 pm.

The concept

& how we operate

At Pebbles Kitty Cat Café we have 7 cats: Luna, Pixel, Pim, Giny, Roffa, Misty and Shade. All of our cats are adopted from regional shelters in The Netherlands. We believe that pet owners should always consider adoption over breeders, since there are already so many cats and kittens out there looking for a warm and welcoming home. There is so much love to go around, so why not share it with these little angels, who were waiting for a happy home for too long already? We strongly believe in “Adopt, don’t shop!”.

At Pebbles you can enjoy the company of these loving cats while treating yourself to some coffee and cake. In order to ensure that the cats are well taken care of and are provided with all the essentials that they need, we ask visitors to pay an entrance fee when they visit the café (€ 3,00 p.p.). You can see this as a necessary cat-tax. This fee will allow you to stay for 1.5 hours, but if it’s a quiet day you are more than welcome to stay longer.