House rules

Cat rules

At Pebbles Kitty Cat Café we will strictly enforce our house rules. These house rules are set up to ensure the wellbeing of our furry friends. What might seem as a natural way of how to treat cats for a cat owner, somebody else might think it is custom to pick up cats. Therefore we want everybody to take a minute to read through our cat policy. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to contact us or ask one of the people working in the café on the day you are visiting us!

Please note that if you don’t oblige with our house rules we will ask you to leave!


  • Disinfect your hands when you come in and when you leave. We take care of the disinfection, you take care of the clean hands
  • Play with the cats using the toys that are there, they love it
  • When the cat comes to you, and climbs on to you, give him a little cuddle
  • Ask our employees if there are little treats available for the cats
  • Watch the cats do funny things and play with each other
  • Gently pet cats that are lying nearby
  • Take pictures or videos (without flash) and share the love!
  • Ensure that everyone in your group treats the cats right (especially when coming with children)


  • Be rough on the cats
  • Lift the cats and put them somewhere else, also not on your lap
  • Pull the cats tails or whiskers
  • Give the cats food, especially not food that is meant for humans
  • Take pictures using a flash
  • Yell or be extremely loud within our café
  • Wake the cats up when they are sleeping