Make a reservation

Not necessary, but handy

Due to how busy it has been, it has become necessary for us to work with reservations. We are however limited with how many places we accept, because we also want to give people who are visiting spontaneously, to have a chance to visit. But spontaneous spots are limited as well! It could happen that we have to refuse people because the cafe is full, and also because we have to think of the well-being of our cats. It is not obligatory to reserve, but we strongly recommend it to avoid disappointment. 

All high tea’s need to be reserved up front!

You can reserve up to 48 hours in advance and for 3 months from today. If you would like to reserve for tomorrow or the day after, we kindly request you to email us at: Then, if there are still spots available, we will make a reservation for you.

We work with an entrance fee of € 3,00 per person. This visit is limited to maximum 2 hours. If it is a quiet day when you are visiting, you are more than welcome to stay longer. The entrance fee is needed to be able to take good care of the cats.

Our openingtimes are:

Monday: closed
Tuesday: closed
Wednesday: 12 pm till 6 pm
Thursday: 12 pm till 6 pm
Friday: 12 pm till 6 pm
Saturday: 12 pm till 6 pm
Sunday: 12 pm till 5 pm

Reservation of High tea currently not possible!

Cancel reservation

Step 1: Select date and time

We cannot accept your reservation as we are closed on the selected date.